• Expense Tracker - An Android App

    Expense tracker is a mobile app which lets you track variety of expenses in the most convenient & easiest way. It comes with several advanced features for pro users & at the same time convenient for daily expense tracking. These slides will walk you through some of the prominent features of this app. Feel free to contact us.

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  • Real-Time Summary

    - Real time visual summary with graphical presentation of Income,Expense & Savings.
    - Supports multiple accounts on the same device.
    - Supports Recurring payments for repetitive transactions.
    - Conventional account statement for each account.
    - In-built option to password protect your data.

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  • Charts & Comparison

    - In-built pie-chart which shows the category-wise breakup of your expenses.
    - Unique data comparison feautre which lets you compare expenses of 2 consecutive months for each category, that helps controlling unaudited expenses.
    - Budget tracking for each category which turns red when actual expense crosses allocated amount.

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  • Productivity Tools

    Additional features to organize, backup & protect your data.
       1. Generate Excel reports for detailed analysis.
       2. Built-in Data backup/restore facility.
       3. Cloud support via Dropbox.
       4. Multi-lingual support.
       5. Customizable Categories & many more.

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Expense Tracker Lite

This Lite version will let you explore limited features required to track your expenses & also you can carry forward your data in case if you wish to upgrade to Pro version.

Expense Tracker Pro

Pro version, packed with all the premium features like cloud suppport, support for multiple devices, 9 international languages including 2 Indian languages for Indian users.

Marathi Version

Yet another regional version, with all essential features & complete marathi fonts, now with numbers also displayed in 'Devnagari' script.

Hindi Version

The fully licensed hindi version with 'Devnagri' script for texts & categories. It comes with customized hindi income & expense categories & hindi fonts.


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