About Me

Hello there!!! Myself Rahul, I'm sure you would have got to know this, by now :-)
     I was born & brought up in Maharashtra a state in India & I completed my schooling & graduation from here itself. Technically I wanted to be a software engineer & so is the reality. I love travelling & exploring places although not necessarily a new place every time. The guy who drinks more cups of tea per day than that of water... (Ok that was exaggerated... I'm sure you guessed it) but yes I love tea.
     If I wouldn't have been a software engineer then I would have loved to be a writer but more than being an artistic guy, I was more inclined towards technology, so you can see the outcome now :-)
     So that's it, in short! You will get to know more about me on various sections on this website. Feel free to contact me with your suggestions & feedback! Thanks!
Have a good time & great life!

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